To reduce CO2 consumption, industry increasingly relies on lightweight materials, made of composites and plastics. Defects in quality of those materials cost on average 5% of revenues. Innovative controls enabled at the heart of Industry 4.0 are therefore a key success factor.

Teratonics provides non-invasive, non-destructive control solutions, that can be installed on the production line. “Thanks to its unique ultra-fast Terahertz based technology, our system is at the same time penetrating, contactless, non-hazardous and 10 million times faster than the state of the art.” underlined Uli Schmidhammer, Teratonics CEO, at our 11 June Hello Tomorrow event. He explained “Terahertz is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum between electronics and photonics, and the last part to be industrially exploited.

Teratonics is leveraging on 10 years of joint R&D at University Paris Sud and CNRS.

They are ready to support your production line and are looking for investors for their A series funding, so make sure to check their website and contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan.

Let’s continue building a better future together!