Imagine harvesting electricity directly from nature, without harming it. Bioo is developing 2 amazing technologies:

- “Bioo installations” aims at rethinking cities, by achieving better symbiosis between nature and technology. The plants sense differences in frequency when touched, and can therefore be used as biological switches to activate different electric systems. The technology is already commercialized with several installations in place, also available for companies or individual homes.

- “Bioo sensors”, will be launched in 2021 to solve a great issue in the agricultural sector. Because they rely on the decomposition of organic substances with micro-organisms, Bioo sensors can last up to 10 years (day & night) while current technologies need time consuming chemical battery replacement every year.

“The goal of Bioo is to go to great markets, with small products that can revolutionize it”, stated Pablo M. Vidarte Gordillo, Bioo CEO, at our 11 June event.
Bioo was named most innovative company of the continent by the European Parliament in 2020. Want to test or invest in
their technologies? Contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan, or participate to their 4th round of financing.

Let’s continue building a better future together!