How can we accelerate the transition towards using Hydrogen, for a clean energy economy?

Proton exchange membranes are a key components of Hydrogen devices: fuel cells, electrolysers, and electronical compressors.

By adding nanosized ceramics into the membrane polymer, Celadyne technologies has developed a Proton exchange membrane efficient at higher temperatures (until 150 degrees) and lower humidity conditions than current membranes, thus allowing higher efficiency, lower cost, and a simpler balance of plant.

Gary Ong is Celadyne Technologies CEO. We had the great pleasure to welcome him to our 11 June Hello Tomorrow Japan event. He detailed the advantages of using their membrane on a concrete existing example, the hydrogen car MIRAI: “by increasing operating temperature to 130 degrees from the current 80 degrees, you could achieve 50% smaller radiator, 40% cheaper fuel cell, and 30% increase in range.”

They are looking for partners for testing, commercialization or investment. Make sure to check their website and contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan.

Let’s continue building a better future together!