Thanks to their comprehensive industrial biotech platform, Zymtronix optimizes enzyme immobilization to create unique, sustainable and responsible processes for high performance biocatalysis.

This significantly reduces the cost, time and environmental impact of the production of fine chemicals, with applications ranging from agriculture to food, neutraceutical and pharmaceutical.

Some examples of what enzymes can do?

- convert orange flavor to grapefruit flavor, to better suit the market needs
- improve productivity and taste of natural sweeteners like stevia
- going further, enzymes can even turn sugar into human milk prebiotics, to benefit infant health and nutrition, and the population as a whole.

Huge thanks to Stephane Corgie, founder and CEO, for sharing Zymtronix technology and projects during our 14th April event.

They will fundraise in 2020 and are looking for industrial partners, so check their website and contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan!

Let’s continue building a better future together!