Imagine a future where materials derived from CO2 can be used to enhance every facet of society: from buildings to adhesives, to even our medicine.
Carbon Upcycling Technology is one of the Finalist start-ups of the 2020 Hello Tomorrow Challenge. They use today’s pollution to build the materials of tomorrow.

Their technology and business model?

- capture CO2 emissions from point sources, such as power plants,
- turn it into CO2-derived solid nanoparticles
- sell them as additives for use in the plastics, coatings, epoxy, adhesives, concrete, lithium-ion battery, and pharmaceutical industries, making them both cheaper to produce and more sustainable.

Huge thanks to Apoorv Sinha and Madison Savilow for sharing their thoughts about the future of clean energy and presenting Carbon Upcycling Technology during our 14th April event.

Explore their website and contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan.

Let’s continue building a better future together!