UPMEM is scaling big data and AI by disrupting datacenters computing through a unique chip based Processing In Memory (“PIM”) acceleration technology.

UPMEM PIM chips aim at solving the problem of data centers energy consumption by reducing the moving of data. Gilles Hamou, CEO, explained during our 11 June event: “Our PIM chips can easily be integrated in existing servers, to allow data-intensive compute to be offloaded into the memory chips where data stands instead of the main processing unit, thus eliminating most off-chip data movement.

“While allowing 15 to 20 times faster processing, UPMEM solution is 10 times more energy efficient and 10 times cheaper than current chips.”
Customers already include major players in genomics, search, and hyper scalers. The technology is expected to be made widely available through CSPs (cloud service providers) in 2022. Meanwhile, UPMEM is looking for more partners and investors, so make sure to check out their website and contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan.

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