Visualix spatial computing technology enables centimeter-precise mapping and localization with commonly used smartphones, extended to industrial scale.

The technology behind AR? AR content is attached to a position (X, Y, Z) in the physical space. It can then be seen from multiple devices at the same position. The Visualix Mapping and Localization SDK (Software Development Kit) allows businesses to map spaces and persistently attach AR (Augmented Reality) content to any position in the map.

By combining the capabilities of mobile devices, the strengths of Swift and Unity, and the compute power & advanced (spatial) computing of a public or private cloud, it provide a reliable, large-scale, super-accurate AR development platform, extending the size of shared maps by 1,000 fold, and unlocking new use cases, in Logistics, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Construction, Retail, etc.

Huge thanks to Michael Bucko, their Managing Director, for sharing Visualix technology and projects during our 14th April event.
They will fund-raise in 2020 and are looking for industrial partners, so check their website and contact them for collaboration opportunities in Japan.

Let’s continue building a better future together!