30% of the population over 65 will have Alzheimer in 2025; early detection of the disease is key to its treatment.

ALTOIDA’s device allows classifying patients at risk of MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) due to Alzheimer Disease 6 to 10 years prior to the appearance of symptoms. Through a 10 minute test in 4 easy steps on your phone or tablet, a NMI (Neuro Motor Index) score is calculated, thanks to machine learning technology.

The test offers a 95% accuracy rate, at only a fraction of the cost compared to the currently available gold standard tests and is already reimbursed in the US. ALTOIDA NMI application is available since beginning of June on Appstore and Android Play Store.

“We already collaborate with several partners in Japan, including Tokio Marine and Tohoku University.” stated Dr. Richard Fischer, ALTOIDA CEO, at our 11 June event. “I love the way you do business here in Japan.”
Target uses range from Insurance to Telemedicine, pharmacies to Home Health agencies, make sure to check out their website and contact them for potential collaboration in Japan.

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