industry 4.0


Unlocking the power of sensors!

Chemical analysis is everywhere around us, from medical diagnosis to industry quality controls or environmental protection analysis.Thanks to its direct screening add-on, Plasmion mass-spectrometer sensor is revolutionizing chemical analysis. No need for sampling any more. SICRIT noninvasive virtual ultra-sensitive nose can detect a component directly from the product, and analyze it in real time, with […]


Unlocking the power of ultra-short Terahertz pulses to reveal the invisible!

To reduce CO2 consumption, industry increasingly relies on lightweight materials, made of composites and plastics. Defects in quality of those materials cost on average 5% of revenues. Innovative controls enabled at the heart of Industry 4.0 are therefore a key success factor. Teratonics provides non-invasive, non-destructive control solutions, that can be installed on the production […]