event report


New exciting Deep Tech online gathering!

On October 15, exciting Deep Tech online gathering with an update from Thomas Salzgeber about Hello Tomorrow new programs, and an introduction of Airbus Ventures and Air Liquide’s open innovation activities thanks to Yuichiro Hikosaka and Vincent Duplan. And new promising projects : Skytree, ILYA Pharma, Bind-X, MyrLabs, TransferFi. A deep thank you to all our speakers Max Beaumont, Evelina Vågesjö, Martin Spitznagel, Gabriel Y., Aashish Mehta who joined despite […]


New exciting Deep Tech online gathering at Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge preview part 2 in Tokyo

10 Finalist start-ups from the Hello Tomorrow 2020 Global challenge presented their cutting-edge solutions across all major technological tracks, tackling health challenges, climate change, green energies, etc. A reminder that Deep Tech innovation has the potential to solve major industrial, environmental and social world challenges as well as creating entirely new industries, for a better […]