Unlocking the power of Hydrogen!

How can we accelerate the transition towards using Hydrogen, for a clean energy economy? Proton exchange membranes are a key components of Hydrogen devices: fuel cells, electrolysers, and electronical compressors. By adding nanosized ceramics into the membrane polymer, Celadyne technologies has developed a Proton exchange membrane efficient at higher temperatures (until 150 degrees) and lower […]


Unlocking the power of CO2 by Carbon Upcycling Technology

Imagine a future where materials derived from CO2 can be used to enhance every facet of society: from buildings to adhesives, to even our medicine.Carbon Upcycling Technology is one of the Finalist start-ups of the 2020 Hello Tomorrow Challenge. They use today‚Äôs pollution to build the materials of tomorrow. Their technology and business model? – […]