advanced computing & AI


Unlocking the power of quantum computing!

Although quantum computing is due to represent a huge market by 2035, with applications ranging from Drug and Material design to Machine Learning, current defects in the qubits material account for a high level of errors in the calculations. Because they are using carbon in its purest form, carbon nanotubes, C12 Quantum Electronics aims to […]


Unlocking the power of big data computing!

UPMEM is scaling big data and AI by disrupting datacenters computing through a unique chip based Processing In Memory (“PIM”) acceleration technology. UPMEM PIM chips aim at solving the problem of data centers energy consumption by reducing the moving of data. Gilles Hamou, CEO, explained during our 11 June event: “Our PIM chips can easily be […]


Unlocking the power of AR (Augmented Reality)!

Visualix spatial computing technology enables centimeter-precise mapping and localization with commonly used smartphones, extended to industrial scale. The technology behind AR? AR content is attached to a position (X, Y, Z) in the physical space. It can then be seen from multiple devices at the same position. The Visualix Mapping and Localization SDK (Software Development […]