Hello Tomorrow Japan is thrilled to announce our next event on January 25th, 2022 at L’Espace, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.

Due to the current conditions, most of the Japanese audience was not able to join the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2021 in person on December 2-3, 2021. We propose to give you an insight of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit by showcasing some of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge finalist startups, VCs and media who participated in the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit. 


The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, taking place every year in Paris, is the first global event dedicated to scientists and deep tech founders coming from across all industries.

The Global Summit brings together 3,500 of the most prominent leaders in emerging technology, including investors, founders, top executives, scientists & other academics, policy makers, PhD students and journalists.

The Grand Finals of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge happens here. Finalists pitch in front of an audience of 400 people and an expert jury as they compete to win their track and the Grand Prize.

The Global Challenge is a renowned international startup competition organized by Hello Tomorrow since 2014. It is uniquely designed to address the needs of early-stage deep tech startups across all industries.

The Challenge gives deep tech and science-based entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their projects, providing opportunities for equity-free funding, global visibility and connections with key players in the deep tech ecosystem. To date, previous winners and finalists have already raised more than $1 billion in funding.



CEO of Silicon Valley Ventures

Ecosystem advisor of Hello Tomorrow Japan

Director of Startup Grind Fukuoka

Official columnist of Forbes JAPAN

Advisory board of House of DeepTech, MedTech by R3i Ventures

Prof. John Kojiro Moriwaka is a recognized Japanese multi-entrepreneur, columnist, professor, public speaker, rapper (Gifted), and painter(Mutant). He is an advisor of Silicon Valley startups to global companies, venture capitals, and mentor of 12 Accelerators. He is a renowned speaker expert on global entrepreneurship and startups and heavily spends time in Silicon Valley and Harvard to share their best practices with his audiences.


All the startups speaking during this event participated in the hello tomorrow Global Summit, and are part of our Deep Tech Pioneers community



hello tomorrow Global Challenge Grand Winner

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems is a pioneer deep tech company that developed first ever atomic layer 3D printing technology.

Founder & CEO

Maksym Plakhotnyuk is an entrepreneur and scientist, CEO and Founder of ATLANT 3D Nanosystems, holds a PhD in Nanotechnology, Fulbright Scholar, member of Forbes Technology Council, a father of two kids.


hello tomorrow Global Challenge 

2nd Prize Winner

Oxyle provides advanced water treatment reactors that eliminate >95% of a wide range of highly persistent, mobile, and toxic micropollutants from industrial and municipal effluents in a cost-effective, sustainable, and easy manner.

Fajer Mushtaq, PhD
Co-founder & CEO

With a PhD on developing novel nanocatalysts for water remediation, Fajer possess a unique insight into designing commercial solutions for advanced water treatment. Fajer’s passion to protect the health of our bodies of water propelled her to co-found and lead a game changing Cleantech Start-up, Oxyle, that eliminates toxic pollutants from water in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.


hello tomorrow Global Challenge Food & Agriculture track Winner

Crover’s proprietary technology for locomotion in granular media enabled the first robot able to ‘swim’ through bulk solids and powders and of a novel Grain Storage Management system

Lorenzo CONTI, PhD
Managing Director

Dr. Lorenzo Conti is Founder & Managing Director of Crover Ltd, a Scotland-based startup that developed the world’s first ‘subterranean drone’ (i.e. a CROVER).

Lorenzo is an Enterprise Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and holds a PhD in Engineering from The University of Edinburgh, where he worked on granular rheology (the study of how granular matter flows) and discovered the ‘CROVER effect’.


Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Medical biotech & Pharmaceuticals track Winner

D-NOME is a leading manufacturer and provider of indigenous diagnostic reagents based on proprietary, cutting-edge, innovative reagent technologies, that make genomics applications affordable, scalable and plug-and-play.

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr Divya Sriram, CEO of D-NOME is a cancer molecular biologist from Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, a premier research institute in India. With more than 7 yrs experience in advanced molecular biology and her passion to make advanced molecular diagnostics accessible to all and co-created a plug-and-play asset lite molecular technology D-LAMP with her co-founder/CTO Sujoy Deb.



Acklio innovates with a compression technology that makes the IoT safer and more interoperable while reducing its environmental impact.


Alexander Pelov

CEO of Acklio, Alexander is co-chair of the LPWAN working group at the IETF standardisation body. Alexander was Associate Professor at Télécom Bretagne from 2010 to 2016. His research focused on energy efficiency in wireless networks and the use of Smart Grids in smart meters and electric vehicles.


Calumino developed a revolutionary thermal sensor technology which is low cost, mass manufacturable and solving dozens of challenges in 20 industries – a true platform technology and the ultimate IOT sensor.

Bart De Jong
Commercial Director

Bart is Commercial Director of Calumino and has over 15 years of international experience in managing people, business performance & transformation, restructuring, mergers & acquisitions and integration.
Collaborative and data driven professional with strong people and negotiation skills. Excited about growth, executing strategy, deals, business development and transformation.


Founded in 2018, ENERGO is a company that is disrupting the world of chemistry by developing a technology that converts gases in a faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly way using an isothermal reactor that combines DBD (cold plasma) and an heterogeneous catalyst.

Maria Mikhail, PhD Technical and Scientific Director

Maria Mikhail holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Plasma Catalysis from Sorbonne University. Maria additionally has an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs-Paris.

She joined the Energo team in October 2021. She holds the position of Technical and Scientific Director. She is responsible for the development and the monitoring of the technical aspects of the company.


LightspeedAI is building compact next-gen optoelectronic interconnects & processors for future data centers & near-edge cloudlets to provide real-time processing of bandwidth-intensive applications

Rohin Kumar Y,
CO-Founder & CEO

Rohin Y, is a Technopreneur with 11+ years of Experience in product development & consulting. He started his career at STMicro electronics in R&D and founded MyTi Tech through which he executed numerous projects in IoT, embedded systems, and consumer products. He has 9 Patents and 7 Publications. Rohin has a B.E (E.E.E), MSc Physics from BITS-Pilani, and a PhD in Cosmology from Delhi University.


Lignovations produces bio-based functional ingredients for UV protection, antixoxidation, emulsification and more enabling cosmetics and coatings manufacturers to make more sustainable products.

Martin Miltner, PhD CEO/CTO

Martin Miltner (CEO/CTO), a chemical engineer (PhD) by training, has over 19 years of experience in research and development of manufacturing processes. Together with his team from the Vienna University of Technology, he has developed a patented technology to produce functional ingredients from biomass lignin. The spin-off Lignovations has been launched in 2019 to commercialize the technology.


NavAlgo offers a technology stack, creating a structured view of processes, enabling reliable analytics and predictions, across use cases, in real time. First use cases in logistics and supply chain.

Claire Nouet

Claire Nouet is the co-founder and Chief of Operations at NavAlgo. She has a background in business and entrepreneurship (HEC Paris).


Persistent cancer cells remain viable after conventional therapies by turning on excessively iron metabolism, leading to relapse and metastasis.  We are developing ironomycin, a small molecule, which specifically interferes with iron metabolism, inducing cancer cell death.

Lucie Mondoulet, PhD CEO

Lucie Mondoulet, PhD, CEO, has a strong experience in early-stage biotech program. As SVP director of research at DBV Technologies, French biotech, she has participated on the launch of clinical trials in the desensitization of food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis and vaccination (pertussis), and expand the pipeline in auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.


Virtonomy has created v-patients.com, the first web-based SaaS for use by medical device developers that utilizes virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials thereby significantly reducing costs.

Simon Sonntag, PhD CEO

Dr. Simon Sonntag holds a PhD in medical engineering and has more than 10 years of experience in computer-aided simulation for medical device development and regulatory affairs.

In 2019, he founded Virtonomy as CEO with the mission of accelerating clinical trials using data-driven virtual patients and simulations.


Vyoma combines observation data from space-based, debris monitoring cameras with AI to reduce in-space collision false alarms by 90% and deliver automated satellite operations.

Luisa Buinhas, PhD

Luisa holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. She was involved in DLR mission studies for satellite constellations for six years. She holds an Amelia Earhart Fellowship and is part of the Space Traffic Management technical committee of the International Astronautical Federation. At Vyoma, Luisa is responsible for Mission Analysis activities and space engineering developments.



Blue Bear Ventures (BBV) is a deep tech seed fund, spun out from UC Berkeley. BBV’s mission is to help deep tech founders from top tier research institutions bridge the notorious startup “valley of death” and engage founders working on the frontiers of science and technology with the ambition to solve the most pressing challenges in health and climate that we face today.


Irfan Vissandjee
Investment associate

Irfan is an investment associate at Blue Bear Ventures and focuses on the fund’s European business development activities. Formerly a founding member of the Societe Generale Private Investment Banking launch team, advising sophisticated single-family offices. He has also supported ventures with their business model and capital raising processes in the US, Argentina and Singapore. He volunteers for Unicef with a focus on the SDGs advocacy. He holds an MSc. from King’s College London and has lived in seven countries across four continents.



hello tomorrow Japan Challenge Grand Winner

Syrinx is a hands-free wearable device for people who lost their voice due to cancer. This device vibrates the throat so that the patient can speak with their voice by moving their mouth. With this device, people who got their voice box removed due to cancer can speak with their voice again.

Masaki Takeuchi
Co-founder & CEO

After graduating from university, he worked at the RIKEN Center for Language Development as a technical staff member. He won the Imagine Cup 2020 World Top 3, the James Dyson Award 2020 World Top 20, the GUGEN2020 Grand Prize, the WIRED CREATIVE HACK AWARD Sony Prize, and the Japan Healthcare Business Contest Grand Prize in the Idea Contest category. He is a member of the Sekino Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Science, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo.


hello tomorrow Japan Challenge Winner

hello tomorrow APAC Challenge Grand Winner

hello tomorrow Global Challenge Industrial Biotech & New Material Winner

A protein called growth factor is a prerequisite for stem-cell culture. However, its price is too high for industrialization of cultured meat. NUProtein can produce this growth factor at extremely low cost using edible wheat germ from a flour milling as a starting material.

Masataka Minami

Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University, and the Graduate School of Management, Nagoya University of Commerce (MBA). He joined Panasonic Corporation in 1985, and invented more than 100 patents, including essential patents for SD cards, DVD and Blu-ray. 

He knew about cell-free protein synthesis technology in the technical social implementation and support work of Nagoya University, and established NU Protein in 2016.

For Startups

Ryuta Majima Open Innovation Strategy Group / FUSE Producer

The producer of Growth Industry Conference “FUSE” and in charge of Sales & Marketing of STARTUP DB. Grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and is eager to expand the Japanese startup ecosystem not only in Japan but globally. Experienced sales and marketing in both BtoB and BtoC industries.



Route X unlocks the potential of all players in the Startup Ecosystem, by eliminating Information asymmetry. They are researching the startup ecosystems around the world and work to accelerate innovation both domestically and internationally. They have worked with a wide range of large corporations, government agencies, and start-ups.

Masahiro Tsukao

Masahiro Tsukao went to TechCrunch DisruptSF 2019, where he experienced the world’s most advanced technology, and was keenly aware of the asymmetry of information between Japan and the rest of the world. He decided to join RouteX to follow the world’s innovations. He worked as a mechanical design engineer at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and was involved in the battery development and project management for hybrid vehicles. He holds a master degree of Engineering (Chemistry) from Kyoto University.


January 25th, 2021 from 16:00 at l’Espace CCIFJ


2-minute’s walk from Shin-Nihonbashi station, exit 5

2-minute’s walk from Mitsukoshi-mae station,exit A9

9-minute’s walk from Kanda station