Ozge Zorlu is the co-founder and CTO of Cellsway, one of the 6 amazing finalist startups of the Digital Health & Medical Devices track of Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge.

Cellsway’s liquid biopsy platform uses a simple blood sample for cancer detection and monitoring, thus providing a simple, accessible, and repeatable procedure for cancer management which cannot always be met with invasive, painful and risky procedures of solid biopsy. The technology relies on a microfluidic chip that isolates and captures circulating tumor cells (CTCs, solid tumor cells disseminating into the bloodstream and having metastasis potential) from blood, and an electronic counting unit to give a prompt cell count of the isolated cells. The system allows further analysis with isolated cells for evaluating a drug’s efficiency, monitoring in a periodic way the disease evolution and finding whether there is a relapse or not.

Further to Cellsway’s technology, Özge shared with us thoughts and advice to startups on how to make the most of the exciting experience to attend the Global summit. “You have to set a goal, and make the most of the communication tools to increase the opportunities to meet the right people. Carefully fill in your startup info so that one can find you, decide who you want to meet with, and respond to any message!”

Cellsway already has several clinical collaborations with European laboratories and universities, why not Japan next?

Thank you Ozge you for sharing your inspiring vision with us during the launch of the Japan Challenge!