Hello Tomorrow Japan is proud to announce its partnership with CIC Tokyo.

Hello-Tomorrow is the largest global deep tech network, on a mission to accelerate deep tech technology research and entrepreneurship, and to bring breakthrough innovation to commercial scale. Unlike existing digital platforms and apps, future “deep” technologies are disruptive solutions built around unique, hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances, that will push the technological frontier.

For over 20 years, CIC has been supporting innovators, with a belief in innovation as a solution to society’s most pressing challenges. CIC Tokyo, opening 1st October 2020, is the first Asian location for CIC.

Hello Tomorrow Japan supports the local innovation communities by hosting events addressing their areas of need and interest, and connecting actors within our local ecosystem, corporates, startups, researchers, investors. Partnering with CIC Tokyo, one of the largest innovation center in Japan, will further reinforce the strength of our deep tech community in Japan, bringing them technologies and solutions to the challenges they face, for example global climate change, demographic shifts or resource scarcity.