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Nagoya deep tech pitch contest – Fast track to Hello Tomorrow Japan Challenge

9 Feb, 4:00 PM | ONLINE

During the event, you will hear testimonies of a past winner about the amazing experience of participating to the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge.
You will learn about early stage deep tech technologies and human adventures.

A jury of Technological, Financial, International experts will select one startup to join the Japan Challenge as Finalist. The startup will benefit from advices of Hello Tomorrow deep-tech expert on their pitch and presentation.

Launching the Japan Challenge for Deep Tech Technologies

10 Dec, 5:00 PM | CCIFJ + ONLINE

Welcome to the Hello Tomorrow 2021 Japan Challenge, Fast track to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit!

During the event, you will hear testimonies of past winners, explaining how the Hello Tomorrow challenge was a game changer for them. You will discover outstanding technologies and human adventures. Finally, you will learn about the benefits of joining Hello Tomorrow 2021 Japan Challenge. Among our guests:

- Adebayo Alongue, RxAll Founder & CEO - RxAll was the Grand winner of the 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global challenge

- Kenjiro Yamamoto, Aster co-Founder - Aster was the Grand winner of the 2019 Hello Tomorrow Japan challenge

- Health sector finalist startups from Hello Tomorrow 2020 Global Challenge: AidX Medical, Cellsway, Cutis AG

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit – Live in Tokyo!

16 Nov, 5:30 PM | ONLINE

Want to navigate the deep tech ecosystem, alongside with the 3,500 Hello Tomorrow Summit participants?
Want to grasp the Future and participate to a truly interdisciplinary 5 days gathering?

Let's share a drink and network with fellow deep tech players, while discovering Hello Tomorrow Summit live in Tokyo.
We invite you to join us at Toranomon Hills new CIC premises.
Pick up your topic!

New Normal For Deep Tech

6 Oct, 4:00 PM | ONLINE

Want to learn how large Corporates manage the current situation, and continue growing their open innovation community?
Want to hear Hello Tomorrow deep tech startups share their technology and hopes?
Come and discover Hello Tomorrow innovative solutions to continue bringing to you the best of deep tech, all year round.

2020 Paris Global Summit Preview – Part 2

11 Jun, 8:00 AM | ONLINE

10 outstanding Finalist start-ups from the Hello Tomorrow 2020 Global challenge will give us a preview of their cutting-edge solutions across major technological tracks: energy, Advanced computing & AI, Environment, Industry 4.0, Digital health and medical devices.

Because deep Tech innovation has the potential to solve major industrial, environmental and social world challenges as well as creating entirely new industries, for a better future.